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"Actions speak louder than words"
and Action Stump Grindings video's speek for themselfs.

Below is a Tree Removal video linked to Youtube.

Hi my name is Clay by the owner of Action Stump Grinding, I started my tree service business years ago and migrated into stump grinding. Although we are the specialists in Palm Beach County for stump grinding we also do small tree removal at the most reasonable rate. We operate in tree service in the acreage, Jupiter Farms and on properties with most with a lot of land. I generally describe my service as a no-frills tree service. This unique tree removal service does not fit everybody's needs but in some cases it can be a tremendous savings for people who are willing to provide some sweat equity in the project. With over 10 years of experience in the tree removal business i get the trees on the ground cut the tree into managable sizes and hand the project off to the client from their, this results in at least a 50% savings are more over most tree services.

Sometimes it becomes necessary for complete tree removal, as it may have outgrown the space it occupies, or it may have become diseased or rotten and present a hazard to your property. Because tree removal can be a tricky job not to mention dangerous, it should only be undertaken by professional. That’s where Action Stump Grinding can help. Our emphasis is on safety first, then on ensuring that extra care is taken to preserve the surrounding landscape . Occasionally South Florida can experience windy weather, causing considerable damage to trees. With our 24-hour emergency callout service, we will come any time of the day or night to take care of trees which may have been damaged or blown down. Stump grinding removing a tree from your landscape is only half the job.
The other half is grinding the stump out of the ground. Without the right equipment and knowledge this can be almost impossible to do. Stumps which are left in the ground not only look unsightly in your landscape, they may also rot and spread disease to nearby plants. And if a tree stump is not removed properly, there is always the possibility it could cause damage to a lawn mower or a person. Action Stump Grinding has been removing stumps for over ten years. With our commercial equipment, we can grind down any tree stump 4 to 6 inches below the ground. Then, when the stump is removed, you can cover with top soil so no sign of a stump is visible. During stump grinding, we take care to protect the surrounding garden area, eliminating or minimizing any potential harm to nearby plants. The wood chips which are left over after the stump grinding is completed can be spread on your garden.

Below is a transcrip of the youtube video on this page, for the visually impaired.

My name is Clay Pike and today I'm Giving a video on tree removal. These are coconut trees that have leathel yellow. There is one right there that has already gone through the process of dropping its fronds and here I'm cutting it down. Action Stump Grinding to give you little information serving Palm Beach and Martin County. Action stump grinding is a fully licensed and insured stump grinding service I do a little bit of tree work but I specialize in stump grinding. I have a website called there is a little lower third coming up right here you can check that site out right here to see any more videos on stump grinding. Today we're focusing on tree removal just to give you description of what is going on obviously putting some tension on the streets so I can control the direction of which way they fall. I usually don't noch the trees are not that big of trees that's that. The sad thing is I planted these trees about eight years ago there in my mother's backyard and she's been nurturing them along. I hated to have to cut them there is my e-mail address if you want to contact me. Again my name is Clay Pike Action Stump Grinding is the name of my company serving Palm Beach and Martin County fully licensed and insured stump grinding service. We're primarily a stump grinding company we do a little bit tree work ,here I am grinding out the stumps. Coming up is a shot of the finished product very different looking more than likely these trees would have been gone one by one so we just took them out. Thanks for your time watching this movie if I can be of any help please give me a call thank you.

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