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Action Stump Grinding

This page is devoted to residents of Palm Beach County. Below is a list of links to YouTube videos for different areas of Palm beach county .

No need to rent a stump grinder in most cases we can do it for less.


Action Stump Grinding Inc.
Will be adding Video and photos On a ongoing Bases.

Without the right equipment and knowledge removing a stump can be almost impossible to do. Stumps which are left in the ground not only look unsightly in your landscape, they may also rot and spread disease to nearby plants. And if a tree stump is not removed properly, there is always the possibility it could cause damage to a lawn mower or a person. Action Stump Grinding has been removing stumps for over ten years. With our commercial equipment, we can grind down any tree stump 4 to 6 inches below the ground. Then, when the stump is removed, you can cover with top soil so no sign of a stump is visible. During stump grinding, we take care to protect the surrounding garden area, eliminating or minimizing any potential harm to nearby plants. The wood chips which are left over after the stump grinding is completed can be spread on your garden.

Action Stump Grinding Inc.
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