Action Stump Grinding Presents this Video demo of a
Job for West Palm Beach residents.

Action Stump Grinding is based out of Jupiter Florida but have been serving West Palm Beach areas for more than 10 years.West Palm Beach is only about a 15 to 20 minute ride from Jupiter we can do most stump grinding jobs same-day so please don't hesitate to call Clay Pike directly and ask for availability in most cases we can accommodate customer the same day.Action Stump Grinding is licensed and insured specialist in stump grinding .West Palm Beach residents can be ensured to getting the best price for stump grinding in the most professional service that Palm Beach County has to offer.

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This YouTube video is offered for residents of West Palm Beach to demonstrate the stump grinding process. This YouTube video has been sped up about 700% the Pine tree stump took approximately 30 minutes to grind but this job was done very the thoroughly due to the fact that it was in the driveway and my customer was spreading Shell rock for the driveway. So if you've never seen the stump grinding process this gives you some ideal of what is involved, this stump was quite large and generating quite a bit of chips. below is a photo of the pine tree stump that was cut and set at the curb as you can see it was quite a large double pine tree stump.

pine stump

Thank you for watching.

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