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Action Stump Grinding

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Stump grinding removal photos before and after.

"A Picture is worth a thousand words"
these before and after photos speak for themselves.

dubbel pine

The above and below photos were taken in Jupiter Farms Florida. The pine tree Stump was in the driveway of a newly constructed pole barn and I was contracted by Wade from Action Land Clearing to remove the stumps.

pine stump

Oak Stump

Oak Stump

This stump grinding job was performed in Jupiter Florida off of Heights Boulevard. The two above photos are before and after shots of an oak tree stump. This stump had a considerable root system this is why the after photo appears to be quite a large amount of chips. The homeowner came in and built up a lot of dirt around the root system and then planted annual flowers as a way of camouflaging the root system of the oak tree. This makes for more difficult stump grinding job because you have to grind the whole area you can't address roots individually but as you can see the job was done thoroughly and now that the area is ready for sod.

pine stump

Pine stump after

The two photos above are of a pine tree stump that was ground off of heights Boulevard in Jupiter Florida. As you can see we grind the stumps down for 5 inches below ground level this is deep enough to get soil in the hole and grass established.

All photo are taken by Clay Pike.

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